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About Us.

Your kitten will grow into a forever companion and you will tell that their short time here was filled with love and care. We are a small cattery in Calgary AB. We are dedicated to creating healthy and playful cats and do so through specialized diets and kitten playtime. All of our cats get regular veterinarian examinations, and are housed in comfortable lodgings. Bengals are an affectionate and curious breed. 

Our cats and kittens are harnessed, trained and go on walks regularly. Daily exposure to outside play in all types of weather, environments and throughout all the seasons, makes them wonderfully behaved, safe, playfully active and good lap cats. Our loving cats spend time with our dogs, so naturally, they are dog friendly. 

The cattery takes an organic approach to cat food. Our cats are fed homemade cat food, which is reflected in their beautiful shiny coats and playful demeanour. You may choose to continue their diets and I can explain why this is beneficial. 

Our Kittens do not leave our cattery earlier than 3 months, so that their immune systems develop and strengthen with their mother’s and to make time to administer the required vaccinations. They also benefit from the peer socialization with their siblings and parents. This way they learn the necessary skills to be on their own and in your care.  After the kittens transition into your care, we continue to be a support to new Bengal owners. 

Brgite’s Bengals is registered with the international organization TICA, The Canadian Cat Association (CCA-AFC), and the European WCF system (World Cat Federation). Our cats travel with us. Accustomed to carry and long travel. They lead an active lifestyle. They go on walks outside the city and play outdoor games.